Meet Fabian Rannersberger


Fabian Rannersberger’s Story

I grew up in a small town in Germany, in a normal working-class family, and didn’t know anything else.

I was taught to learn to have good grades and get a good job afterward to be successful. But I hated school, felt like a failure because I wasn’t “good” and didn’t know what to do in life. My parents were divorced and we didn’t have a lot of money.

So I was lucky and happy to get an apprenticeship as a technical draftsman combined with studying mechanical engineering to become a construction engineer with a bigger company.


I changed a highly paid and recognized job twice to start over.

After becoming a mechanical engineer, I left to become an airline pilot student because I wanted a job that I truly love.

Unfortunately, the training lasted longer than expected and I didn’t get employed right after the training because of internal politics. I was unemployed for months and struggling to get a job, although I was an engineer and a trained pilot.

I was an airline pilot with Lufthansa when Covid brought me on the ground and I feared being unemployed again. I worried to never find any fulfillment in a different job again.

I experienced that my job depends on internal politics, news in the world, and negotiations with tariff partners.

Feared to be unemployed, I desided that I didn’t want to be dependent anymore on anyone else except myself.

But I also didn’t have the skills to build my own business.


The opportunity

Fortunately I met a friend who was the CEO of an online marketing agency which was founded by one of the best marketer in the world.

I built webpages for customers and sold a digital product before and made just little money.  But I knew that marketing and sales are key skills to learn to successfully build something on my own.

So I took the chance to ask if I could work for him and he agreed. So I took two years off as a pilot and started as an intern in online marketing.

I was in an environment where everything seemed possible. I worked with entrepreneurs people with a complete different mindset.

I learned marketing from the best marketer in the world. I learned sales from Europe’s number 1 sales trainer. I had all resources I needed to learn the skill of client acquisition and delivering unique value.

Within 4 weeks I went from an intern to be an online marketing consultant, because I learned everyday at all times.


Consulting and Coaching

In total, I went from an intern to the head of strategy of the consulting team within 1 year.

We consulted hundreds of clients and I grew the consulting team from 400k to 2,8 million per year, and from 3 to 7 consultants within just 8 months.

We helped nearly 300 clients per year to have an action plan to grow their companies. Some companies made the revenue of one year in just one month after applying the actions.

The key to my success was that I developed a deep understanding of client acquisition and was able to build a process to teach others how to do it to get the same results.

Although I built the consultant team, developed products, and trained the people like my own company, it still was not my company and I was dependent on other people. I didn’t have the freedom I wanted.

Furthermore I worked a lot and my family needed me.

So I returned to the cockpit and built my own one-person business now.


The Mentoring

There are thousands of people out there offering online training and one thing many of them have in common is that they just give people a piece of the puzzle.

Most of the programs miss details, although customers pay up to $6.000, $60.000, or even $100.000.

They use psychology to sell the programs but only a few of their customers will ever see a return on their investment.

That’s not how I wanted to run my business.

I want to give people everything to succeed in one package. They should know the price upfront and if they follow through and put the work in they will inevitably succeed.


Looking to the future

Nothing makes me happier when I can help others with their dreams.

All I know about marketing and sales I provide to others.

I love to see how others put things into practice and how they grow their businesses.

What started as a struggle for myself, I know grew into a movement.