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Proven Results

There is just one thing that matters – measured KPIs. If you don’t measure it, you cannot improve. I provide real business results. These are results I achieved for my former company within 8 months:

Processed Revenue


€ 405.783

increase of 372%

Cosnluting Clients (yearly)


increase of 38%

Customer Value (frontend)

€ 15.314

increase of 231%

I analyze the structures in businesses, break them down into their basic components, focus on solving the bottlenecks, set priorities and show you how to put them back together for your successful business.

Learn from the most successful methods and strategies of the world’s leading companies, think innovatively and develop your hidden skills.

„Business is not magic,
it’s cause and effect.“

There are more than 100,000 tactics, but only three key methods to improve your business.
We’ll show you how to focus on what really matters.

I help overworked do-everything entrepreneurs

99% of entrepreneurs are always looking for the latest trend, heavily influenced by social media. They usually have no strategy and their plans are often short-term. Often unsure of what to do, they try to do everything so as not to miss anything. They see the business world as a fast-moving, big, chaotic jumble in which they run after everything.

Become a goal-oriented entrepreneur

These entrepreneurs are rare – only 1% are like this. They value efficiency and long-term success. Their business model is unique and they plan far ahead. They play in their own league, without direct competition. They are strategic, thoughtful and understand their business thoroughly – and are therefore calm and always successful.