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How to Become A Master In Client Acquisition To Increase Revenue And Profitability

Free Consulting Call

  • Get your business or business idea analyzed to get clarity on your ideal client, business model and offer
  • Get clarity on your bottle necks to set the foundations for revenue growth
  • Get concrete sequence of planed actions to master client acquisition

Things I can advise on

1. Setting your foundations

We use concepts and principles of big brands like Apple, Amazon and Tesla, combined with old Japanese concept of IKIGAI to clearly identify:

  • What you are good at
  • What you love doing
  • How you provide value to the market
  • What the market are paying you for

2. Crafting your high value offer

We use deep psychological market research to create high value offers people love buying instead of being sold on bad products. 


  • Identifying the nerve striking problems, needs and desires of your niche
  • Crafting your value offer according to people wants to solve their problems
  • Pricing your offer on value

3. Sell and iterrate for product market fit – clients become fans

You get clear actions on the first two steps which lead to crafting your sales script.


  • Crafting your sales script
  • Scientific approch to iterate, improve and evolve your scipt
  • Clearly defined KPIs to focus on what to improve

Why it is valuable

About Fabian Rannersberger

Started as a digital marketing consultant and become head of strategy at a premier marketing agency within 1 year. I mastered digital marketing and sales, dramatically increasing business revenues and team growth.

Now, as a one-person business, I provide comprehensive, effective training programs designed to deliver real results. My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to transform their businesses and achieve their dreams with the same tools that helped already many other companies to success.

Let’s build your success story together.

Proven Results

These are results achieved for my former company within 8 months:

Processed Revenue


€ 405.783

increase of 372%

Cosnluting Clients (yearly)


increase of 38%

Customer Value (frontend)

€ 15.314

increase of 231%

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free Consulting works

The call will be a video call. Chose the perfect time for you for the call. Thereafter, you get an email with an invitation link. Test the link to know that you are technically setup. Click on the link 5 minutes before your scheduled call, to be on time.

Is this a sales call?

No. This call is to provide as much value as possible to you. I do that in order to help you but also to get to know you better to develop my products, systems and concepts further to provide even more value to you.

Can I reschedule the call?

Yes you can. But do it at least 24h in advance. With your appointment, you reserve my time and I will show up. But my time is valuable. If someone doesn’t show up once, you will not be able to schedule a free consulting call anymore.

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