Meet Fabian Rannersberger

My Story

Design engineer in international projects

During my training as a mechanical engineer and technical draughtsman, I worked on projects in the United Arab Emirates. I mediated between engineers from Pakistan and India and the local management to improve workflows and move projects forward faster.

Research project in Finland

During a semester abroad in Finland, a friend and I conducted a research project on the recycling of laminated glass in Europe. This project, which we carried out for a leading Finnish recycling company, was to help them plan their business expansion. After five months of work, we presented our findings to the company’s management.

Training as an airline pilot

During my pilot training, I not only learned how to fly, but also the importance of processes, structures and checklists for efficient work. I understood that precise processes are crucial in order to control an aircraft. I also acquired knowledge of mental techniques and strategies such as „chair-flying“ and decision making in order to think strategically and make optimal decisions.

Airline pilot – manager in the air

Airline pilots act as multi-project managers. Each flight, of which there are several every day, is an independent project. This involves managing people, processes and systems. Although we work according to standard operating procedures (SOPs), the pilot takes on the role of project manager to ensure that the flight runs on time.

Online marketing and my own book

In addition to flying, I started my first online marketing project: a book called „How to become an airline pilot“. I marketed this on my website and via Amazon. In the process, I acquired knowledge of website design and online marketing.

Consulting and website development for clients

With my knowledge of online marketing, I founded a consulting company. I advised clients on setting up their websites, took over their creation and trained them in independent maintenance. I am still available today for recommendations and support.

Online Marketing Consultant

As an Online Marketing Consultant in an agency, I deepened my skills by developing marketing strategies for medium-sized companies in Germany. As part of the strategy team, we analyzed and optimized the companies‘ business models in order to increase their sales. I looked after over 50 different sectors, from sole traders to billion-dollar companies.

Head of Strategie Team

As head of the strategy team, I managed seven consultants. I improved our existing consulting products, developed new ones, set up processes and structures and created manuals and onboarding processes for the continuous training and development of the team. Together we supported up to 300 clients a year and achieved a turnover of over 2.5 million euros with a high profit margin.
I realized that online marketing alone does not lead to success. Every company has different bottlenecks. We focused on these bottlenecks in order to help companies grow sustainably.


Fabian Rannersberger

I help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome bottlenecks and achieve sustainable growth by equipping them with the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to build world-class businesses and effectively implement strategic business management.“